flag japan ボブ・ディラン スクラップブック 1956-1966

THE BOB DYLAN SCRAPBOOK 1956-1966, by Robert Santelli translated into Japanese.

     Soft Bank Publishing, Japan 2005. Hardback book with dustjacket, housed in a thick card storage box, 64 pages. Includes an interview CD and a 36 page booklet in Japanese. The CD has 14 tracks : 1.Oscar Brand Interview 29/10/61 (1:08), 2.Cynthia Gooding Interview 13/01/62 (4:18), 3. Allen Stone Interview 24/10/65 (6:19), 3. Martin Bronstein Interview 20/02/66 (9:50), 5 to 14. Interviews taken from the Martin Scorsese film "No Direction Home”. ISBN 4-7973-3071-6.
Thank you to Wil Gielen for the information.

ボブ・ディラン スクラップブック 1956-1966 bob dylan scrapbook Soft Bank Publishing book in Japanese

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