by Anthony Scaduto

     Written at the dawn of the seventies by a former crime reporter and self-confessed "mafia expert", this book was not only the first serious study of Dylan's life and work, but also a landmark in the way popular music was written about. In addition to a Bob biographer's wish-list of interviews, Scaduto pulled off the remarkable coup of getting Dylan's full co-operation without conceding an editorial veto. Dylan has read this book cover to cover and discusses its uncomfortable contents with the author at length!

     The initial subtitle 'AN INTIMATE BIOGRAPHY' was dropped and used again on the various editions of this classic book. Thank you to Peter Oudejans for the precisions about the early editions.

      intimate biography anthony scaduto galley proof Bob Dylan book Galley proof for Grosset & Dunlap, 1971. The front cover is annotated in Tony Glover's hand, "Grosset & Dunlap - Oct (1st week), Illus. (8 pgs-photos), $6.95, Approx 300 pgs." The proof measures 8.5 x 14.5 and is 165 pages long. (Tony Glover collection)

intimate biography anthony scaduto  dunlap 1971 Bob Dylan book BOB DYLAN - AN INTIMATE BIOGRAPHY,
Grosset & Dunlap 1971, NY, 278 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. 1st edition: the signature of the illustrator Peter Caras is visible at the bottom of the frontcover

intimate biography anthony scaduto 2nd edition dunlap 1971 Bob Dylan book same, 2nd edition. Peter Caras signature has been removed and the following Daniel Kramer reference has been printed on the copyright page: 'The illustration on the jacket of this book was made from the photograph by Daniel Kramer, copyright 1967 Daniel Kramer' intimate biography anthony scaduto castle 1971 Bob Dylan book same, NY, Castle Books 1971, 278 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. This edition is noted as 'published by arrangement with Grosset & Dunlap'

an intimate biography scaduto 1972 Bob Dylan book same, W.H. Allen, London, 1972, 280 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. The Peter Caras signature is again visible on the frontcover and there’s no Daniel Kramer reference on the copyright page. ISBN 0-491-00662-4 Bob Dylan anthony scaduto abacus 1972 book BOB DYLAN, by Anthony Scaduto, London, Abacus 1972, 280 pages, softcover. No ISBN

Bob Dylan anthony scaduto abacus 1973 Bob Dylan book same, revised edition 1973, 312 pages. ISBN 0349131287

intimate biography anthony scaduto  new american library 1973 Bob Dylan book BOB DYLAN - AN INTIMATE BIOGRAPHY, Signet Book from New American Library, first printing  The New American Library, March 1973, 366 pages, softcover. ISBN 451-W5353-15 intimate biography anthony scaduto  new american library 1979 Bob Dylan book same, updated with a new afterword, The New American Library 1979, 366 pages, softcover. ISBN 0-451-98289-90

Bob Dylan anthony scaduto helter skelter 1996 BOB DYLAN, London, Helter Skelter 1996, softcover. ISBN 978-1900924009

Bob Dylan anthony scaduto helter skelter 2001 same, London, Helter Skelter and Rogan House 2001, 312 pages, softcover. ISBN 1-900924-23-4

Bob Dylan anthony scaduto helter skelter 2006 same, London, Helter Skelter 2006, 340 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-1900924238. [The existence of this edition with this cover is dubious]


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