"Even most recent concept associated with Goethe's idea of "world literature" is based on over two hundred years of various interpretations, which have yielded not only numerous literary compilations but also a wide variety of ideas about the concept of "world literature." Dieter Lamping is one of those scholars who have developed a critical position about world literature, the fundamental features of which he approaches through the "pivot points" of lyrical theory and classical modernity, alongside numerous other perspectives.
     This anthology specifies particular intertextual references and transnational connections of literature, similar to another reader that was recognized by Lamping as exhibiting the basic categories of world and comparative literature. This volume contains high-quality articles submitted to honor Lamping, authored by Maria Moog-Grunewald, Rudiger Gorner, Rudiger Zymner, Manfred Schmeling, Bernard Dieterle, Andreas F. Kelletat, Monika Schmitz-Emans, Gabriella Catalano, Marisa Siguan, Heinrich Detering, and Manfred Siebald."

     - REFERENZEN VON CUSANUS BIS BOB DYLAN, edited by Heike C. Spickermann, Universitatsverlag Winter 2015, 172 pages, ISBN 978-3825364663. [0823]

weltliteratur interkulturell  book in German

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