flag czech * VÍC NEŽ JEN HLAS

   'MORE THAN JUST A VOICE', from former Czechoslowakia, the book presents lyrics by various artists translated in Czech by Jirí Vejvoda and František Novotný . Lyrics by Paul Simon, Jacques Brel, Bulat Šalvovic Okudžava, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Donovan Philip Leitch and Bob Dylan.
   All seven featured artists get an introduction in Czech of several pages. Dylan's story is called Rebel With a Cause, so it might be based on that early text. Some songs are accompanied by a photo.
    First printing from 1980 "in a run of 96 000 copies" (!). Published by Kamarád, from Prague, which could be a bookclub. Size 13 x 20 cm. The book, paperback, has 391 pages of which 101 are devoted to Dylan, 21 for the story and the rest for the lyrics. No ISBN.     
    Thank you to Hans Bosch and Jürgen Wasser for the image and information.

vic-nez-jen-hlas book in Czech

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