'POISON IN CAMOUFLAGED DOSES'. Very interesting book with many illustrations showing how records were censored in Spain during Franco's regime.
    Bob Dylan was concerned several times for his lyrics (ANOTHER SIDE, FREEWHEELIN', BLONDE ON BLONDE,) but also for the colours of the front cover of an album: DYLAN (1973) had the colours of the Spanish Republican flag!
    Each time CBS managed to get the authorisations, even explaining for BLONDE ON BLONDE that "Bob Dylan is an obscure lyricist, who writes in American slang, very difficult to understand even for Spanish people who speak English correctly. His songs are composed without any structure and they are just meaningless ideas."

- LA CENSURA EN LOS DISCOS DE POP-ROCK DURANTE EL FRANQUISMO, by Xavier Valiņo, Editorial Milenio 2012, softcover, 527 pages. ISBN 9788497434812.

veneno en dosis camufladas Xavier Valiņo

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