flag italy UNA VITA CON BOB DYLAN, by Riccardo Bertoncelli

       "Riccardo Bertoncelli did not write yet another biography of Bob Dylan: his book 'A life with Bob Dylan' is, to quote the author himself, 'a passionate declaration of love' for a mysterious artist, elusive, against the tide, who changed the way of understanding life, music, the culture of many generations. Starting from his contemporary writings at the release of Dylanian records, but also reviews of films and books, show chronicles, historical reconstructions and some fantastic stories, Bertoncelli draws an all-round portrait of the minstrel Bob Dylan and what his songs and his way of being have meant in the musical universe - and not only - of the last 50 years."

Giunti Firenze/Milano 2016, paperback, 175 pages. ISBN 978-8809849167.

una vita con bob dylan book in Italian

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