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    'A BOB DYLAN SONG IN MY MOTHER'S AGENDA'. Novel by the Peruvian author Sergio Galarza. From Spain, a son remembers everything that unites and also separates him from his mother when he finds out that she is dying of cancer. Thus, memories intersect with football, studies and the way the world of first impressions has for the eyes of a child. Not really a Dylan book.
   The book was published in Peru, Chile and Spain.

bob dylan en la agenda de mi madre peru book in Spanish Estruendomudo 2016, 190 pages, Peru. ISBN 9786124165429 bob dylan en la agenda de mi madre chile book in Spanish
Editorial Montacerdos 2016, Chile, 160 pages. ISBN 9789569398100
bob dylan en la agenda de mi madre spain book in Spanish
Candaya 2017, Spain 160 pages. ISBN 9788415934332

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