flag uk TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE, by Matthew Ingate

   - MY NEVER ENDING TOUR WITH BOB DYLAN. "This book will place you in the audience of Dylanís final performance of 2011 as he traded vocals with Mark Knopfler; to the crowd in Gothenburg where his vocal renaissance shone through the rain in 2014, to the scene of the crime of his first electric gig in 1965 as he returned to Forest Hills Tennis Stadium for the first time 51 in years, has you sitting front-and-centre as he sings a one-off Standing in the Doorway in 2017 a few hours after finally picking up his Nobel Prize in Literature, leading you into the Shadow Kingdom in 2021.
   This is the story of traveling on the road with Bob Dylanís Never Ending Tour, yes, but it is also the story of traveling Together Through Life."

Matador (3 Feb. 2022), paperback, 228 pages. ISBN 978-1-80313-094-1

together through life matthew ingate


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