"They defied convention - even risked their careers - because of their convictions. In these revealing capsule biographies, twelve remarkable individuals emerge. Independent and unconventional, they are different from any performing artists America has ever known. They have broken the tradition of subservience to managers, studios, and recording companies. Sometimes at great personal sacrificed, they have become political and social activists. Their private lives and commitments, their struggles to reach the top - it's all here in THE NEW BREED OF PERFORMER."
     Chapters on Bob Dylan, Liza Minnelli, Dick Gregory, Shirley MacLaine, George C. Scott, Bette Midler, Joan Baez, Jon Voight, Bill Cosby, Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand and Marlon Brando.

- THE FASCINATING PERSONAL STORIES OF SUPERSTARS WHO DARE TO BE THEMSELVES, by Leila B.Gemme, First Edition Pocket Books 1976, Paperback edition by Washington Square Press, 189 pages. ISBN 9780671487676.
Thank you to Eric Galzi for the information. [0524]

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