flag uk THE CHAMELEON POET, by John Bauldie

     John Bauldie’s previously-unpublished work of forensic insight into Bob Dylan’s unique artistic journey.

     On his untimely death at 47 years old in October 1996, not only did John Bauldie sit at the what could be called the high table of Dylan Studies, but from the early nineties, when he was invited by Dylan’s management to write the liner notes that accompanied THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOLUME 1-3, many would attest that he was chairman of the board.
     Covering the formative span of Dylan’s career from his emergence in the early sixties to his conversion to Christianity in the late seventies, THE CHAMELEON POET traces each step in the development of the artist and man from youth to maturity. With scholarly precision and vivid clarity, Bauldie’s analysis of Dylan’s work reveals a continuous journey.
     Bill Allison’s introduction sketches a portrait of Bauldie’s life and his ascendancy in the world of Dylan Studies.

- BOB DYLAN'S SEARCH FOR SELF. With an introduction by Bill Allison. RouteOnline 2021. Hardcover, 288 pages. ISBN 978-1901927832.

The CHAMELEON POET by John Bauldie Bob Dylan book


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