- BOB DYLAN & SCRIPTURE, by Michael J. Gilmour.

      In this book Gilmour offers a thorough study of Dylan's reading of scriptures. He explores the ways in which Dylan transforms biblical images and concepts when he incorporates them into his literary world; it is an attempt to listen to the echoes of scripture in his published works.
      Gilmour closely reads Dylan's poems and songs and provides commentaries on several themes found in Dylan's work: the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus; apocalypse, justice and judgement; oppressive religion and religious irony. Through these readings, Gilmour calls attention to the various ways Dylan uses scripture both in an explicit and an implicit manner.

tangled ut in the bible Bob Dylan book uncorrected advance proof
Softcover, uncorrected advance proof.
ISBN 0-8264-1602-0
tangled ut in the bible Bob Dylan book
Continuum Pub Group 2004,
146 pages, softcover. ISBN 0-8264-1602-0

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