flag france POSITIVELY 4th STREET (in French)

positively-4th-street-hadju-french-bob-dylan-book front    positively 4 th street french back back   POSITIVELY 4th STREET - LES VIES DE JOAN BAEZ, BOB DYLAN, MIMI BAEZ FARIÑA ET RICHARD FARIÑA, by David Hadju, translated by Paul Simon Bouffartigue, Sonatine 2018, 442 pages, ISBN 9782355846892.

positively-4th-street-hadju-french-bob-dylan-book-uncorrected front     positively-4th-street-hadju-french-bob-dylan-book-uncorrected-back back   same, épreuves non corrigées, September 2018 uncorrected proof, white spine (and not red), paperback, 421 pages. Thank you to Jürgen Wasser for the scans and information.