flag uk POEM TO JOANIE, by Bob Dylan

"Intro by A.J. Weberman". The poem was first printed as liner notes to 'Joan Baez in Concert Part 2', TFL 6035 on Fontana.

poem to joanie pink cover Bob Dylan book
Aloes Seloa 1971, London, stappled card cover, 20 pages "This is an edition of 300".
poem to joanie brown cover Bob Dylan book
same, alternate colour

poem to joanie orange cover Bob Dylan book
Amalthea Tearway,18 pages

poem to joanie booklegger Bob Dylan book
Booklegger 1972, UK reprint, 20 pages

poem to joanie booklegger no price Bob Dylan book
Booklegger, 1972, London,  stapled  cover, 33 pages. Reprint, no 30p. on front cover


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