flag uk OUTTAKES ON BOB DYLAN, by Michael Gray

    This book is a compendium of over five decades of writing on Dylan for newspapers, magazines and journals by the pioneer of Bob Dylan Studies, plus a new extended essay on ROUGH AND ROWDY WAYS.
    Subjects covered in the book include: What We Knew About Bootlegs In 1972; Don’t Give Bob Dylan The Nobel Prize; Buddy Holly, Dylan & the Aspirated Glottal Stop; Stayin’ Up For Days In The Chelsea Hotel; Paul Muldoon, Hoagy Carmichael & Bob; and Ghost Trains In The American South.
    The cover uses a photo of Michael Gray in his room in Langwith College, York University, in late 1966, when he’d bought the new BLONDE ON BLONDE in New York City that summer.

- SELECTED WRITINGS 1967-2021, Route On Line 2021, hardcover with dustjacket, 352 pages. ISBN 9781901927863

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outtakes on Bob Dylan

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