Ian Woodward gives very interesting information about this booklet:
  "The title on the cover reads, "oh how I glad will DANCE with mE" but the title page renders it as, "OH HOW GLAD WILL YOU DANCE WITH ME".
  The cover names three authors: Lia Levy, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg. The latter two provided the texts and Lia Levy may have provided the photographs (or perhaps is the subject of some of the photos, such as the one on the cover) or perhaps was the compiler of the photos and the texts.
  No publication date is given.
  The book consists of many photographs apparently inspired by the texts. There are six Dylan lyrics (Mr Tambourine Man, Queen Jane Approximately, Desolation Row, Just Like a Woman, Visions of Johanna and Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands) and six Ginsberg poems (Sunflower Sutra, Laughing Gas, Mescaline, Lysergic Acid, The Change and Wichita Vortex Sutra).
  The texts are laid out in a non-standard, unconventional way. The titles of these texts and their copyright details are given, strangely and very unusually, on two computer punch cards stuck to the page that faces the inside cover.
  The book credits read: "punched cards Bob Dylan Allen Ginsberg" and "trip-programmer Lia Levy".

* OH, HOW GLAD WILL DANCE WITH ME, by Lia Levi, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, Artes Graficas Oriente, Barcelona 1974, softback, 90 pages

There is a two page introduction in English (below) by Marcelo Covian. Some time later, a translation into Spanish of this introduction, and of the Dylan and Ginsberg texts, was produced. This took the form of 12 doubled-sided and stapled A4 pages".

oh how glad will you dance with me Bob Dylan book how glan will you introduction

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