flag japan ディランの転向は、なぜ事件だったのか

   (BOB DYLAN NO TENKOU WA NAZE JIKEN DATTA NO KA?) by Mutsumi Ota. The title means "Why Was Bob Dylan’s Change Of Direction A Scandal?"  The obi is about Newport and the Hippy movement.
   "Summer 1965. Newport Folk Festival in America. Bob Dylan suddenly started singing and playing an electric guitar instead of a folk guitar, and it became an 'incident'.
 This book describes Dylan's 'conversion to electric', which is talked about as a 'myth' in the history of pop music. He delves into the origins of American folk and pop music, including Woody Guthrie's, dating back to the early 20th century, from the political and social situation in America at the time, and unravels the truth behind the incident through detailed examination."

Ronshousha 2011, 197 pages with dustjacket and obi. ISBN 978-4-8460-0928-1

ディランの転向は、なぜ事件だったのか bob dylan book in Japanese

ディランの転向は、なぜ事件だったのか bob dylan book in Japanese with obi
With obi

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