german flag MY NAME IT IS NOTHIN' by Richard Klein

      Richard Kleinís attention is focused on music such as poetry, songwriting and performance. Above all, however, and in contrast to previous literature, Dylanís voice is the focus: in the ambiguity of her masks and her eventful history from the beginnings in 1961 to the concerts in autumn 2005. In addition to numerous song analyses centered on the vocals, elements of a theory of the narrative voice are presented at Dylan. The volume deals extensively with the early years, in particular with the political and aesthetic backgrounds that led to the scandal of Manchester in 1966.

MY NAME IT IS NOTHIN' - BOB DYLAN: NICHT POP NICHT KUNST ('NOT POP NOT ART'), Lukas Vlg Fuer Kunst Und 2006, 180 pages. ISBN 978-3936872453

my name it is nothing klein bob dylan book in German

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