flag japan  大冒険

   A 38-page manga by the Japanese artist and Dylan fan Naoki Urasawa entitled BOB DYLAN 大冒険 (BOB DYLAN'S GREAT ADVENTURE) is included in the 2024 Japanese pressing of the compilation MIXED UP CONFUSION / A RETROSPECTIVE (LP: Sony Music Japan International Inc. SIJP 157).
   It is an illustrated biography of Bob Dylan, with seven pages of lyrics of the 12 songs of the album, in English and Japanese, translated by Yoshiaki Sato. Size 29,5 x 21 cm.

   The CD version also includes the manga: information about it (size and page number) would be very welcome.

   Weekly Shougakukan Edition, February 14, 2024. [0224]

Manga Bob Dylan's adventure front cover Manga Bob Dylan's adventure front cover

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