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      Study of Bob Dylan through his songs. The songs are grouped together by themes, beginning with his City songs and ending with his Love songs. Dylan's "political" songs, his "country" songs and his songs about outlaws are studied in depth. The Gospel songs dominate Dylan's creative output after his conversion to "born-again" Christianity in 1978-79, and this chapter studies this body of work in the context of his entire career. The last section of the book deals separately with the last three albums: TIME OUT OF MIND, "LOVE AND THEFT" and MODERN TIMES though important themes in these albums are discussed throughout the book. The author's articles about Dylan and Rimbaud, about 'Mississippi' etc., published in prominent fanzines, are woven into the final text.
       This is the first book about Dylan with a thematic approach of Dylan's songs covering his entire career.

- LEBENSSPUREN IN BOB DYLANS SONGS, by Guido Bieri, Moondance Private Publishing 1999, bilingual German/English, 268 pages, more here.

life on the tracks bob dylan book in German

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