flag france * LA MORT DE BOB DYLAN, by Nicolas Rainaud

   'THE DEATH OF BOB DYLAN': This is a novel: Just before singing his chorus, the narrator collapses in the middle of the stage. Half a century earlier, he had made a promise to Woody Guthrie, his model and mentor with an incurable illness, to write the song for him, the song that tells “what it’s like” – death. Returning to him, he understood that the time had come to fulfill his mission. Then this unknown soldier of music escapes from the hospital to wander the streets of Paris in search of night inspiration. Torn between the urgency of writing and the immobility required by death, will he overcome the ultimate song?

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2016, 152 pages. ISBN 978-1535145633

la mort de bob dylan book in French

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