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     KOVAN PÄIVÄN ILTA (HARD DAY EVENING) was an irregularly broadcast rock program on Finnish Broadcasting Corporation in the 1970s. The original version brought to Finnish radio for the first time foreign lists dominated in the early 1970s, with a few exceptions by British stars (eg Slade, Black Sabath, Sweet, Suzy Quatro, Bay City Rollers, Uriah Heep, Gary Glitter, Jethro Tull, etc., with the exception of the American Santana , Osmonds and Alice Cooper). The themes of the program, which aired in the late 1970s, varied, often with some theme in the broadcast.

- ROCKIN HISTORIAA 45 KIERROSTA MINUUTISSA, by Jake Nyman, Jyväskylia 2009, hardcover, 316 pages. ISBN 9789512076055.

kovan päivän ilta -rockin historiaa 45 kierrosta minuutissa  Dylan book in Finnish

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