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     '- LIFE WITH BOB DYLAN'. In his Nobel Prize Acceptance speech, Bob Dylan said he was grateful that his songs have been given a place in the lives of many people. That is exactly what this book shows: the Dylan factor in the life of 26 Dutch and Flemish musicians, writers, journalists, artists and clerics of different generations. The author held talks with Freek de Jonge, Jan de Smet, Lucky Fonz III, Saskia de Coster, Ernst Jansz, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Henk Hofstede and Roos Rebergen.

LEVEN MET BOB DYLAN, by Harm Peter Smilde, Lannoo 2019, paperback, 247 pages, ISBN 9789401458238.

how does it feel leven met bob dylan smilde

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