By William Sanderson, this is a comic tribute to the Tight Connection To My Heart music video (1985).

     "A music video that makes you ask ‘how was this ever made?’ and at the same time ‘why didn't they make more of this?’ redrawn in comic form for no good reason aside from..why not? The 'Tight Connection On My Heart' music video is a world where time is not linear, with multiple flashbacks and flash forwards. There is a whodunit mystery, the Yakuza are involved, a punk with a blue wig gets attacked, the police arrest Dylan and then (spoiler alert) they let him go. Dylan plays two characters - the pov of the love torn singer in the song and a guitarist/dancer in a band. Chaotic Dylan 80s fun". Read more about it here.

UK, first edition, You Can't Go Back 2022, 100 numbered copies printed, 28 pages. No ISBN.

Has Anybody Seen My love, by William Sanderson


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