"The real story of Bob Dylan’s first time in Italy: Bob Dylan has played in Italy often and willingly since 1984, when he went to the Arena di Verona for two dates. At the time, however, the "Dylanologists" pointed out that Verona should not be considered his first Italian trip, but the second: according to a story that had long circulated in folk circles (but that some doubted), when he came to Rome in the early sixties, Bob Dylan showed up one evening at the Folkstudio and (perhaps) also played some songs.
      Someone said he also went to Perugia, where studied his girlfriend Suze Rotolo, for a romantic rendezvous that was the real reason for his trip to Italy. What is the reality and what is the legend? This book aims to put an end - forever - to all speculation, using interviews and documentary research conducted with the zeal of an historian."

- LA VERA STORIA DELLA PRIMA VOLTA DI BOB DYLAN IN ITALIA, by Francesco Donadio, Arcana 2022, softcover, 160 pages. ISBN 9788892771345. Thank you to Jürgen Wasser for the information.

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