This book has an indirect Dylan connection:
    This collection of Flemish painters with text by Jacques Lassaigne is of course not a 'Dylan book'. Nevertheless it is -at least by its cover- well known by Bob Dylan fans, as this is the book that Bob holds on the famous Jerry Schatzberg photography (1965) used for the front cover of the UK 1967 first compilation LP 'BOB DYLAN GREATEST HITS'. It is to be noted that the photo of the LP is reversed: it seems to show the back cover of the book, while this is actually the front, (the back cover is white).
    The picture of the front cover is a detail of 'L'Adoration Des Mages', painted by Pierre-Paul Rubens in 1624.
    For real completists only (or/and painting lovers).

    By Jacques Lassaigne, Albert Skira publication 1958 (Genève, Switzerland), hard cover with dust jacket, 204 pages. There is an edition with the text in French, called LA PEINTURE FLAMANDE: DE BOSH A RUBENS.

    Thank you to Jean-Pierre Mercier for the information about this book.

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