flag italy DYLANIATI

    The book collects about thirty texts in which the non-fiction component leaves room for the story of life and the intertwining of culture and memory, alternating, in alphabetical order, musicians, teachers, writers, lawyers, historians, filmmakers, journalists, farmers. All of them, fans and connoisseurs, passionately investigate Dylan and themselves, crossing the ages: three different generations meet in these pages to testify how and why they can be called DYLANIATI.

- TESTIMONIANZE DI UNA PASSIONE, colllected by Emanuele Mochi, Massimo Papini and Sergio Sparapani. Edizioni ae di Valentina Contiby 2020, 244 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-88-7326-485-9.
Thank you to Peter Oudejans for the scan and information.

dylaniati book in Italian

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