flag denmark DYLAN FOREVER, by Klaus Høeck

      The first edition of Klaus Høeck's collection of poems Dylan Forever was published in 1979. The 2017 edition is bilingual, Danish-English; in English by John Irons. When the book was first published, Poul Borum wrote in Ekstra Bladet: "The 48 poems in 'Dylan Forever' are written according to Høeck's usual computer system, but you hardly notice it, so strong is the grip. The poems may not say much about Dylan's music - 'your amazing and total music' says Høeck - but incredibly much about Bob Dylan in our hearts, about what it has been like to experience Dylan and follow his songs from the first records - 'my own silent youth mythology '- and until now, when both he and we are about to be half-aged and 'already heading into the next decade'.

Dylan forever book in Danish
Swing 1979, 56 pages

Dylan forever  book in Danish
Asger Schnacks Forlag 2017, 110 pages,
softcover. ISBN 978-87-998379-4-6

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