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     "Pop music and biography go together. One could speak of a double double album: one album contains the music, the other the respective biographical data and nodes. The first album is the soundtrack for the second one.
     This publication illuminates and illustrates this connection from eighteen individual biographical perspectives. Various influences, preferences and connections become clear: between pop music, biography, culture and spirituality. There are also numerous references to the compatibility of the pop music works of art presented here in the church context."

- POPMUSIK UND BIOGRAPHIE, by various writers. Haus kirchlicher Dienste der Evangelisch-lutherischen Landeskirche Hannovers, Hannover, January 2021, softcover, 127 pages, 2nd edition 1500. The first edition, November 2020, had 1000 copies.
Includes a 7-page chapter: "Ein langsamer Zug und eine rasante Achterbahnfahrt" Bob Dylan and Nick Cave, by Dr. Matthias Surall.

doppelalbum bob dylan book in German

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