flag japan  * 失踪 -ボブ - ディランをつかまえて - BLUE HERON

     This is the Japanese translation of an American novel by Philip Ross, published in 1985: "She had been missing for fourteen years... Sarah Kleinhagen. Her involvement with student anti-war activists in the 1970s and their bombing of an Air Force SAC base had forced her underground. Not even the FBI could locate her. Now James Marley needed to find her and bring her back to the child she'd had fourteen years ago... a child who desperately needed her. All he had to go on was a picture taken fourteen years ago. A picture of a strikingly beautiful girl with searching, intelligent eyes that pierced into your soul. Her child needed her. But someone else was looking for Sarah Kleinhagen, someone vicious with a killing instinct. Marley had to find her — if they didn't kill him first. "

     The Japanese title means 'MISSING - GET BOB DYLAN - FUSO MYSTERY' and the cover shows a Dylan evocating drawing.

Fusosha 1989, translation into Japanese by Miki Yohtarou, paperback, 344 pages. ISBN 4-594-00382-6.

失踪 -ボブ・ディランをつかまえて

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