This brochure was written by ultra-conservative author David A. Noebel for the ultra-right Christian Crusade of Tulsa, OK. The date of printing indicated on page 2 is 4/67. This was a cheaply made brochure (according to the inside front cover, "Additional copies available 10 cents each...), and is geared towards tearing down the reputation of Columbia Records, as well as that of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and Malvina Reynolds (neither Joan nor Phil recorded for Columbia, although this brochure claims that Joan did, and includes Phil because Joan liked Phil Ochs ...). The brochure protests the type of music performed and written by these singers, and presents them in the worst possible light.

By David A. Noebel, 1967. This booklet. "measures 6-3/8" X 7-3/4", folded in half to form 3-3/8" X 7-3/4" brochure, 14 pages including covers. 3 b&w cartoons by Al Capp (creator of the syndicated comic strip" L'il Abner -- it is not clear if Capp granted permission for use of his illustrations in this format).

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