These poems were probably published by Frank Chanalaun, the editor of the Dutch fanzine DESOLATION ROW.
   The 'Collected Poems' gathered here are:
   -My Life In A Stolen Moment, written for the October 1963 concert in Carnegie Hall,
   -A Message From Bob Dylan, sent to the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee after Dylan received the Tom Paine Award at the Bill of Rights dinner on December 13, 1963,
   -Blowin' in the wind, published in Hootenanny, December 1963 (not the songlyrics!).
   - the poem published on the LP 'In the Wind' by Peter, Paul & Mary, December 1963, A Letter From Bob Dylan for Sis and Gordon and all broads of good sizes in January 1964,
   -the poem published on the LP 'Joan Baez in Concert', part 2'. 1964,  
   -Eleven Outlined Epitaphs, partly publised of the LP The Times They Are a-Changin', January 1964,
   -Off The Top Of My Head, published in the program of the Newport Folkfestival 1965
   -and A Night With Bob Dylan, published in The Tribune, December 12 1965.

     Thank you to Simon Blokker for the scans and information

collected poems desolation row Bob Dylan book
42 pages, illustrated by Jeany, around 1970
collected poems desolation row alternate Bob Dylan book
alternate cover

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