flag uk CHIMES OF FREEDOM, by Mike Marqusee

    CHIMES OF FREEDOM - THE POLITICS OF BOB DYLAN'S ART is a major work on the music and politics of Bob Dylan.
    The book takes its title from the song Chimes of Freedom, which is a transitional work between Dylan's earlier 'protest' style and his later more free-flowing obscure and poetic style.
    Mike Marqusee discusses Dylan's early influence by Woody Guthrie, his involvement with the protest movement, his ready youthful empathy with the Civil Rights Movement and with those in poverty within the USA; and his increasing disillusionment in the mid-sixties with protest politics. This was paralleled musically by his moving away from the use of a simple acoustic guitar, to a full backing group; and lyrically, by his evolution of a highly complex poetic style which influenced popular music for a generation

    The book has been translated into Korean in 2016.

    A revised and extended version was published in 2005, titled WICKED MESSENGER - BOB DYLAN IN THE 60s.

chimes of freedom mike marqusee 2003 Bob Dylan book paperback uncorrected proof 2003
paperback uncorrected proof, 2003. 296 pages (collection Arie de Reus)

chimes of freedom mike marqusee 2003 Bob Dylan book
, The New Press, New York  London 2003, 328 pages, Hardback. ISBN 1-56584-825-X
chimes of freedom mike marqusee 2005 Bob Dylan Seagull Books
New subtitle: - BOB DYLAN AND THE 60s, Seagull Books 2005, Calcutta, India, 378 pages, paperback

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