sweden BOBBY BOY, by Stig Hansén

     "Stig Hansén takes some of Bob Dylan's most famous songs with him and travels with them, including to Highway 61 and to Dylan's childhood home. He travels to several of Dylan's concerts, hears him talk about the songs, the lyrics, the role models, about the doors he is constantly trying to open and about his parents. Hansén links Dylan's song treasure to personal stories about his own life and different kinds of journeys".

bobby boy mannen i mig 2012 Dylan book in Swedish
- MANNEN I MIG, Reverb 2012, hardcover with dustjacket, 206 pages. ISBN 9789185697465
bobby boy mannen i migDylan book in Swedish
- ĹTERRESAN, Bokförlaget Atlas 2021, hardcover with dustjacket, 347 pages. ISBN 978-91-73899-01-7

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