flag japan 超入門ボブ・ディラン / BOB DYLAN

   "Mysteries lead to more mysteries, and the mysteries continue to increase... Bob Dylan was born as a legendary man.
   In the movie Bob Dylan - No Direction Home by the famous director Martin Scorsese, 'Dylan syndrome' continues to grow slowly. This book is a 'super introductory' book that will ease the shock you received from the movie and lead you to areas you have never experienced before.
    After reading this book, you should take your time and trust your ears and dive into the Dylan world!"

Yasuki Nakayama's Archives N°.001, N°002, P-Rythm Paperbacks 2008, 165 pages. ISBN 978-4-904231-04-3.

超入門ボブ・ディラン rhythm paperbacks 2008 bob dylan book in Japanese

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