flag france BOB DYLAN - UNE BIOGRAPHIE, by François Guillez

    "As of today, this biography is the only one that goes up to September 2021, 'Shadow Kingdom'. It talks of Bob Dylan's songs, obviously, and of his other writings, films, paintings, and sculptures too. It gives anecdotes on his life, but also deeper considerations on his motivations and why he gets up in the morning and goes on tour or other activities. "
    The preface is by Olivier Dahan, who directed in 2010 the movie 'My Own Love Song' (soundtrack by Bob Dylan).
    François Guillez is a long time both Dylan fan and friend of mine.

    A promo flyer of the book can be seen here.

Camion Blanc December 2021, 588 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-237848-297-8

BOB DYLAN une biographie françois guillez book in French


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