flag japan ボブ・ディランは何を歌ってきたのか

   "All answers are blowing in the wind. So, ask the wind. However, even if you ask the wind, the wind won't answer anything.
   Who is Bob Dylan? What did he sing? A newly written book that chronicles his career over more than 50 years in discography! He is said to have created a 'lyric mania' in pop music. Bob Dylan has actually been talked about in many different ways.
   What is so great about Dylan? What was it like for those of us living in Japan who have experienced it through records? More than 50 studio albums and live performances left over about 50 years. Kenta Hagiwara details the works of one of the most controversial greats in pop history, explaining his albums, best-of albums, singles, etc., and brings to light our Bob Dylan."

By Kenta Hagiwara, Ele-king books, 2014, 384 pages, paperback with obi. ISBN 978-4-907276-18-8

ボブ・ディランは何を歌ってきたのか dylan's song book in Japanese with obi

ボブ・ディランは何を歌ってきたのか dylan's song book in Japanese with obi
With obi

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