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    The Edlis Café is a collective group of people working on projects about Bob Dylan's work, concerts and related topics.
    'Malibu is the place Bob Dylan has lived for the longest time of any place in his lifetime.
    This really is someone close to Bob Dylan, both from the stories and the discretion, there is nothing scurrilous or worse, just capturing the times and the significance. The publisher seems to choose quality. The paper is of the highest quality. The illustrations are many, lavish and in full colour. The format is large so the images are a good size. The stories are interesting and the unseen photographs, especially of the painting, are spectacular!' (Amazon)

By Martin Newman, Edlis Café Press (May 13, 2021), paperback, 127 pages. ISBN 978-1736972304.

Bob Dylan's Malibu edlis cafe

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