By Peter K. McKenzie. Peter is the son of Eve and Howard 'Mac' McKenzie. Bob Dylan stayed from mid-May to mid-September 1961 in their New York apartment, where the famous 'McKenzie tapes' were recorded.
    If we can regret the lack of home recordings track lists, this minor issue must not hide that this is an essential Dylan book, written by a direct witness of what he is writing about, -what is quite rare among authors of Dylan books.
    We learn here a lot of things about life in the Village in these legendary times, and really see the young Bob Dylan's fame growing under our eyes. As far as the famous home recordings are concerned, Peter reveals the 4 precise dates, the fact that they were recorded with 2 microphones, that they are in perfect quality... and last but not least that they will probably be released one day.

Independently published (28 juillet 2021), paperback, 278 pages. Only available at Amazon for the moment. ISBN 979-8503964530

bob dylan a couch and 50 cents 

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