japanese flag ボブ・ディラン by Masakazu Kitanaka

    BOB DYLAN, by Masakazu Kitanaka. It has been 60 years since the representative song "Kaze ni Fukarete" (Blowin' in the Wind) was released. Bob Dylan, the only musician to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, continues to perform in concerts and create music in his eighties. Why are his lyrics and music highly appreciated across time and genre, even though he is criticized for plagiarizing?
    A Japanese leading critic of popular music analyzes the historical background of many famous songs and approaches the essence of "the most important artist in the rock world".

Shinchosha 2023, paperback with obi, 192 pages. ISBN 978-4106109867. Thank you to Peter Oudejans for the scans.

bob dylan by Masakazu Kitanaka book in Japanese with obi
With obi
bob dylan by Masakazu Kitanaka book in Japanese
Without obi

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