by Stéphane Letourneur

   'BOB DYLAN THE ETERNAL DISSIDENT': "Who is Bob Dylan? Myth or mythomane, genius or plagiarist, independent man or ideological weasel, charmer or haughty star? Dylan is above all the author of an immense work rooted in the American popular culture and still under construction. This biography proposes to stop at the major stages: teenager won by the fever of rock'n'roll, young prodigy of committed folk, poet rock, lost man and artist, finally, and until today, singer on an endless tour."

bob dylan l'éternel dissident book in French
Oslo Editions 2014, collection Osaka, 171 pages. EAN 978-2357541351

l'eternel dissident pre publication
alternate cover: though being shown on several websites, this cover does not seem to exist, and is probably only a pre-publication image.
bob dylan l'éternel dissident book in French 2015
Oskar Editeur, Paris 2015, collection Culture & Société, 163 pages. ISBN 979-10-214-0382-6

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