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     BOB DYLAN KAITAI-SHINSYO 'DISINTEGRATION NEW BOOK'. "Bob Dylan is a “living legend” who has continued to be updated for half a century. His true identity is now revealed!! Bob Dylan appeared as an anti-war folk singer in the early 1960s, then switched from live guitar to electric and became the darling of his time. He was a rare melody maker and his lyrics were highly praised, so much so that he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature along with Haruki Murakami and others. The true identity of 'God' Bob Dylan, a living legend in the history of pop music, is now revealed."

By Yasuki Nakayama, Koseido Shuppan 2014, softcover with dustjacket and obi, 254 pages. ISBN 978-4-331-51791-8

ボブ・ディラン解体新書 bob dylan book in Japanese

bob dylan book ボブ・ディラン解体新書 with obi
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