flag netherlands BOB DYLAN IN NEDERLAND 1965-1978

     Singer and songwriter Bob Dylan is a phenomenon. In his impressive career he recorded over forty albums, performed in thousands of concerts and touched innumerable listeners. BOB DYLAN IN NEDERLAND 1965-1978 tells the story of Bob Dylan's first single in the Netherlands-- "Subterranean Homesick Blues"--until his first appearance in the Netherlands in Feyenoord's Soccer Sadium "De Kuip" in Rotterdam on June 23, 1978.
     Furthermore, this book pays attention to Bob Dylan in the Dutch media and broadcasting of the "Basement Tapes" on the radio. Naturally, all singles and LPs released in the Netherlands are discussed.

By Tom Willems, Free Musketeers 2011, 190 pages. ISBN 978-1611027860

bob dylan in nederland book in Dutch

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