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    "In early summer 1966, long before the American and English editions, the first BOB DYLAN'S GREATEST HITS is compiled in Hamburg: the so-called "Stern Musik" edition. When the track list is to be selected, presumably somewhere in the spring of '66, Dylan has only had one real hit on the European mainland: Like A Rolling Stone. BLONDE ON BLONDE is not yet out, the debut Bob Dylan album has no nominees. That limits the selection to five LPs (FREEWHEELIN' to HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED), to 54 album tracks and some non-album singles, offering a grand choice of classic, indestructible songs. But the final track list is still surprising".

    The book was also published in English and German.

By Jochen Markhorst, Independently published (1 August 2020), softcover, 219 pages. ISBN 979-8671449105

bob dylan greatest hits book in Dutch


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