the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia UK hardback michael gray book THE BOB DYLAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, by Michael Gray, Continuum New York London 2006, 736 pages, Hardback, includes a CD-Rom with the book on .pdf    

the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia US hardback michael gray book same, by Michael Gray, Continuum, New York, 2006, hardback. 736 pages. The US edition has white end papers and slightly different cover with altered neck and face taking up more of cover. The UK edition has cream end papers. Thank you to John Baldwin for this information.

the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia sampler michael gray book same, The Sampler.-Continuum, New York City. 2006. (uncorrected promotional sampler), 19 pages.The 24 sampler entries have been chosen from among the letters A to C. (information Arie de Reus)

the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia hardback michael gray book updated 2008 same, by Michael Gray, Continuum Ed. 2008. Fully Updated and Revised Edition, paperback, 784 pages