flag uk THE BOB DYLAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, by Michael Gray

      THE BOB DYLAN ENCYCLOPEDIA is a compendium of articles written by Michael Gray covering the life and work of Bob Dylan. It includes reviews of varying length for each album and numerous songs in Dylan's musical output, but is not just a work of music criticism. The topics for individual articles encompass Dylan's musical forebears, literary influences, personal acquaintances, key career events, musical associates, cultural context, forays into film and writing, and minutiae of all sorts.

Promotional postcard (2006):

the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia UK hardback michael gray book        the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia UK hardback michael gray book

the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia UK hardback michael gray book
UK, Continuum New York London 2006, 736 pages, Hardback, includes a CD-Rom with the book on .pdf
ISBN 978-0826469335

the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia US hardback michael gray book
USA, Continuum, New York, 2006, hardback. 736 pages. The US edition has white end papers and slightly different cover with altered neck and face taking up more of cover. The UK edition has cream end papers.Thank you to John Baldwin for this information.
the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia sampler michael gray book
USA, The Sampler.-Continuum, New York City. 2006. (uncorrected promotional sampler), 19 pages.The 24 sampler entries have been chosen from among the letters A to C. (information Arie de Reus)

the Bob Dylan encyclopaedia hardback michael gray book updated 2008
Continuum Ed. 2008. Fully Updated and Revised Edition, paperback, 784 pages.  ISBN 978-0826429742

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