flag japan ボブ・ディラン読本
CD Journal Mook by Kanno Haeckel

   "2012 marks Bob Dylan's 50th anniversary since his record debut. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary, this book introduces all the discs spanning half a century, re-records many episodes so far, and consists of newly written essays. This book is supervised by Kanno Haeckel, a Dylan authority who has worked on Bob Dylan's record production and translated many Dylan-related books." With timelines and discographies.

(BOB DYLAN DOKUHON) CD Journal Mook, Ongaku Shappansha Co., 2012, 159 pages. Softback.
ISBN 978-4-86171-089-6.

ボブ・ディラン読本 cd-journal bob dylan book in Japanese

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