"The author discusses the three works inspired by religious faith and through the prism of the Bible and Catholicism of the late 1970s and early 1980s. So, Ledesma points out that the albums 'Slow Train Coming', 'Saved' and 'Shot of Love' contain a lot of biblical winks that show that for the Minnesota singer-songwriter religion was a fundamental aspect in his life. Not for nothing did Dylan say that the best thing that had ever happened to him was to know Jesus Christ.
    Regarding the appellation of 'provocation', the author points out that his intention is to analyze the religious position of the singer-songwriter in a globalized society. "Dylan is usually associated with the fight for human rights and for anti-war causes and therefore his relationship with religious sentiment in a globalized world such as the present one can be provocative," he says. In addition, Ledesma says he understands that there are still people who are shocked that a person who has been in the underworld of rock and roll and drugs may have a deep religious feeling."

- ¿UNA PROVOCACIÓN?, by Javier Ledesma Saúco, Ediciones C&G 2006, 190 pages. ISBN 978-84-611-3401-4

bob dylan dios y jesucristo una provocacion book in Spanish

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