german flag BOB DYLAN, by Heinrich Detering

   "Detering, as a literary scholar, has such a delightfully different and sovereign access to both the texts and the record covers and Dylanís life stages that it reads like a very exciting and intelligent novel."

   The book has been translated into Swedish in 2008.

bob dylan Heinrich Detering, 2007 book in German
Reclam 2007, 184 pages
ISBN 9783150184325

bob dylan Heinrich Detering, Reclam 2007 book in German 2009
3rd edition, Stuttgart 2009,
247 pages,
ISBN 9783150186626

bob dylan Heinrich Detering, 2016 book in German
Reclam, Stuttgart, 2016.
Updated edition,
paperback. 216 pages.
ISBN 9783150110539

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