flag france BOB DYLAN by Robert Shelton

  NO DIRECTION HOME, THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, classical biography translated into French by Jacques Vassal (1987). The first edition had a French subtitle: SA VIE SA MUSIQUE "LIKE A ROLLING STONE". The 2021 edition is an illustrated new translation by Héloïse Esquié, with unpublished foreword and postface by Elizabeth Thomson.
Thank you to Jean-Pierre Mercier for the information.

bob dylan sa vie sa musique book in French
- SA VIE ET SA MUSIQUE - “LIKE A ROLLING STONE”, Albin Michel 1987, 566 pages. ISBN 9782226028853
bob dylan robert shelton 2021 book in French
- NO DIRECTION HOME, illustrated edition. Flammarion 5 May 2021, 304 pages, hardcover with obi. ISBN 9782080206763

bob dylan robert shelton 2021 book in French
same, without obi

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