The fame of Dylan and Cohen, while it fluctuated over the decades, was sustained and was sustainable because they self-consciously adopted different personas, or masks, to distance themselves from the public self. This necessarily requires an exploration of their relation to religion as avenues to find and preserve their inner identities. Their lyrics and poetry are explored in the context of the relation between poetry and song, and of Lorca's concepts of the poetry of inspiration, and the deep dark emotional depths of 'duende'.

    This is the second book by David Boucher on that subject, the first one being DYLAN & COHEN - POETS OF ROCK AND ROLL (2004).

- DEATHS AND ENTRANCES, by David Boucher and Lucy Boucher, Bloomsbury Academic USA, April 2021.

Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen hardcover book
312 pages, hardcover. ISBN 9781501345654
Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen softcover book
312 pages, softcover. ISBN 9781501345661

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