flag uk BOB DYLAN A NOBEL 80

   - AN ENGLISH FANS SCRAPBOOK PART 2. "This is my second book about Bob Dylan, (...). It has many articles and newspaper cuttings from all over the World documenting what Bob Dylan has done from July 2016 to July 2021. I have written it in a diary style format, month by month year by year so it is easier to read and follow. I have photocopied and scanned hundreds of pictures, magazine articles, and other items detailing Bob’s Art, Concerts, Recording details, his Metal Works and Whiskey plus ‘Girl From The North Country’ West End & Broadway Show. ".
   This is the follow up to AN ENGLISH FANS SCRAPBOOK (2016).

By George Orr, Lulu Publishing 2021, large-format A4 paperback, 370 pages, ISBN 9781446195758.

Bob Dylan a nobel 80 an english fan's scrapbook 2 


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